Consulting Experience

This page under construction. Will list examples of consulting work completed.

Independent consultant

As an independent technical writer, consultant, and trainer, I have worked for diverse organizations including the U.S. Army, United Way of Warren County, and Automotive Industries of Strasburg, Virginia. I have developed criterion-based training materials on topics as diverse as military convoy operations and pastoral care; I have analyzed industrial manufacturing processes and developed systems for improved performance and increased cost savings and avoidance. I've analyzed inventions, written procedural manuals for real property management and business development; I've facilitated contentious town meetings, finding consensus where others foresaw feuds.

Training specialist

As a training specialist for Evaluation Technologies, Inc., I served on several contracts for federal agencies. I developed criterion-referenced training materials for the U.S. Army's transportation and chaplain schools. In addition, I developed a nation-wide training program for state and local authorities involved in Super Fund sites.