Social Media and Web 2.0 Experience

You may be wondering why this page, Social Media and Web 2.0 Experience, is nested under Consulting Experience. Why not under Technology Experience or Writings, Publications, and Presentations? Certainly, there's overlap, but the answer is simple: My use of social media and web 2.0 tools is driven professionally. My focus on these tools is not for the sake of the tools but, rather, for the impact on organizations. These tools can help with customer focus, knowledge management, process management, organizational leadership, stakeholder relationship management, and a host of other organizational processes and systems.
This page remains under construction.

Social Networking Sites

Okay, yes, I have a Facebook page and a MySpace page and an Orkut page. Of these, I find Facebook the most useful, and for organizational use (creating and enhancing stakeholder relationships), Facebook is tops with the ability to add
Quick Websites for Information Sharing and Collaboration: Wikis

Wikis are quick and easy websites; "wiki" is Hawaiian for "fast." Wikipedia, one well known wiki, notes that wikis are used to "create collaborative websites, to power community websites, and for note taking." I find they are easy-to-use web applications which enable a person to put information online quickly and in a form which can be easily edited by anyone.

That, frankly, is the power of a full bore wiki: The community can create something that is bigger than any one person.

Here are a few wikis I've had a hand in:

Critical Incident Stress Management
, a wiki using the free, web-based application Wikispaces: I started this site as an online reference for people, particularly emergency services personnel, who have experienced a traumatic event. The site offers a range of information and advice about crisis intervention and stress management. Members of the Tidewater Critical Incident Stress Management Team provide the URL to this site to emergency first responders who have experienced a critical incident. I contributed most of the material on this wiki.

Saint James School, Maryland, on Wikipedia: I started the original entry for Saint James School on Wikipedia. This page is now the product of dozens of contributors, and while it is far from perfect, it is much better than any effort I could have done on my own. Yes, this is my high school alma mater. This single entry demonstrates some of the power of wikis. The entry is the work of dozens of people; the work is self-correcting; the work can be remixed.

USCG Measurement Summit 07: Here's a wiki I used at work to manage a conference. We used this site for the call for presentations, managing registrations, and archiving conference materials.

MLCA Beta Climate Interviews is another work-related wiki I used for a short organizational consulting assessment I conducted with another consultant. We used this wiki site to not only manage our interviews, but to publish our findings.

Managing Change at MLCA - Conflict Management
is a wiki page I built for a staff element that was experiencing interpersonal conflict among its members. The members of the staff spent most of their time traveling, so this was something they could review in their free time, even if they weren't in the office.

Micro-Blogging with Twitter

Twitter is a web-based application which allows for micro-blogging, posting to the internet messages of up to 140 characters. Some say that if blogging is narrative poetry, then Tweeting is the haiku form.

Twitter can be used organizationally for a number of different purposes or objectives. The tool can be used for stakeholder relationship management, building ties between individuals and the organization. The tool can be used as another media outlet for announcements. The tool can be used as a knowledge management application for conference attendees or project team members.

If you are interested in learning more about how organizations are using Twitter, check out this Twitter 101 overview.

I have a number of accounts on Twitter, each with a slightly different slant, emphasis, or purpose. I use the web applications HootSuite and Splitweet to manage multiple accounts in the same interface without having to log in and out.

Me, on Twitter:

@pastinson: general me; also feeds my Facebook status

@OrgConsultant: about management, leadership, and organizational consulting

@School2CallHome: about independent schools and my search for a faculty appointment

: at the moment, this is about my journey to complete my dissertation. With luck, this account will transition to another use over the next many months.

@AnotherCGBlog: All things Coast Guard related

: poems and poetry; connecting with the words

: travel related

@TidewaterMuse: about goings-on here in southeastern Virginia

: an automated feed off my Friendfeed stream which includes all the above Twitter accounts and nearly everything else, including the proverbial kitchen sink.