Writings, Publications, and Presentations

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Professionally-oriented Blogs

U.S. Coast Guard Performance Excellence: A blog for Organizational Performance Consultants serving throughout the United States Coast Guard... A place to share successes, opportunties for improvement, sea stories, and consulting tips & tricks.

A School to Call Home: The chronicle of a search for a faculty appointment at a small secondary school.

Traditional Media

Editor at The Coast Guard Reservist, a newsletter for members of the Coast Guard Reserve, January 1986 to July 1988. Several years later, I was featured in a story (starting on page 6) during a summer ...

Published poetry

"Like Fire in the Sky" a poem in The Powhatan Review (Winter 2003/2004)

Three poems in Skipping Stones (Fall 2003)

“As the Priest was Saying Mass” a poem in The Powhatan Review (Summer 2003)

Selected Projects Written Under Contract

ApprenticeSchool. (1996). Problem Solving and Decision Making in Industrial Environments: A Workbook and Reference Text. Newport News, VA: Newport News Shipbuilding.

Stinson, P.A. (1984). Total Recycling: A Plan for Automotive Industries. Woodstock, VA: All in One Recycling, Inc.

Evaluation Technologies Incorporated. (1984). Management Training Plan for the Superfund Targeted State Training Program. Arlington, VA: Author.

U.S. Army Training Support Center. (1984). Advanced Sermons, Homilies, and Meditations. Fort Monmouth, NJ: U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School.

U.S. Army Training Support Center. (1984). Trailer Transfer Operations. Fort Eustis, VA: U.S. Army Transportation School.

Twitter and Micro-Blogging

I use different Twitter accounts, or persona, for different interests. While some people subscribe to the one account and it gets everything philosophy, I try to be a bit more targeted.

@pastinson: My primary Twitter account. This also feeds my status updates on Facebook.

@OrgConsultant: Focus on organizational issues: organizational leadership, development, psychology, and management with a little tech and social media thrown in for good measure.

@AnotherCGBlog: Content about the United States Coast Guard, sometimes from an irreverent perspective. The Twitter side to Another Unofficial Blog.

@AlongElizabeth: Twitter stream of footnotes about living along the Elizabeth. The Twitter side to Notes Along the Elizabeth, a blog of quick posts and footnotes.







@TidewaterMusings: Stream with a focus on Tidewater and Hampton Roads; the Twitter side to Tidewater Musings, a blog.

@RoboPeter: This is a scrape from my FriendFeed feed and includes all of the above Twitter accounts and also other content from my contributions to the cloud such as Delicious bookmarks, flickr uploads, and the like. This single Twitter account provides the most coverage, but is also the noisiest. Most people don't want this much cluttering their stream; I know I wouldn't.

I also contribute to several Twitter streams which are streams for particular organizations. @podcampUSCG serves the annual PodCampUSCG held in conjunction with the Innovation Expo; @CGBlog serves An Unofficial Coast Guard Blog, the first blog dedicated to the Coast Guard and currently published by Jim Dolbow; @BaiYuka80 serves my high school class from Saint James School outside Hagerstown, MD; @temscism serves the Critical Incident Stress Management Team sponsored by the Tidewater EMS Council.

I also use @nosnitsap as a stream for content which I don't want broadcast out on any of the other accounts.

Academic Papers and Essays

Other Blogs and Online Writings

I have created, managed, or contributed to a number of other online blogs and venues including