What Others Have Said

What others have said about Peter Stinson:
Peter's blogs are on my "Always Read" list and provide a welcome escape from my day to day doses of angst and stress. The photographs and objective commentary are a welcome respite and provide a plethora of information.
~~ Scott White, blogger, S. D. White ONLINE!

A superior consultant and management professional who achieves outstanding results in virtually any Coast Guard setting. A consultant's consultant with an outstanding community reputation for excellence. Central figure in the Coast Guard's drive to instill management excellence, performance, leadership, and change.
~~ George Yacus, Ph.D., Chief of Performance Excellence Staff, Coast Guard Atlantic Area

An invaluable leader to active duty and reserve personnel alike.
~~ Ralph P. Anguiano, Lieutenant Commander, United States Coast Guard

A foward thinker extremely well prepared for all contingencies... Has high standards for self and subordinates... Team player that went out of his way to assist whenever possible.

~~ Kevin A. Jones, Captain, United States Coast Guard

Excels in the high-paced environment of the command center, able to make quick and faultless decisions that have substantial operational impact at all levels of the Coast Guard.
~~ John H. Siemens, Captain, United States Coast Guard (Retired)

A superior officer who produced outstanding results in all assigned duties... An articulate and highly effective communicator.... An astute and conscientious Controller with a true "can-do" attitude.
~~ Mark D. Rizzo, Captain, United States Coast Guard

Extremely self motivated and dedicated... Trusted completely with all mission area responsibilities. Makes sound decisions based on facts; always arrives at the right conclusions, even in very stressful situations... He has demonstrated superb judgment in this extremely demanding position, a position that requires him to routinely make difficult operational decisions...
~~ William Dean Lee, Rear Admiral, United States Coast Guard

A superior performer who continues to exceed expectations and perform at levels well above pay grade.
~~ Theodore F. Harrop, Captain, United States Coast Guard

His professionalism, expertise, and dedication truly exemplifies the one Team Coast Guard concept.

~~ Roger T. Rufe, Vice Admiral, United States Coast Guard (Retired)

A dedicated officer able to apply background and skill to current situations and make good decisions. A fine team player; wins cooperation by using team dynamics rather than leadership by rank.

~~ Dennis Ihnat, Captain, United States Coast Guard (Retired)

The first thing to be said about Peter is that he is in almost all senses of that old-fashioned term "an excellent school person"! He is actively committed and engaged in many facets of school life; he believes in confronting and dealing with students of all ages at the level where they are. He spends very long hours in the multi-faced task of boarding school mastering.
~~ H. Jeremy Packard, Former President, Wyoming Seminary

Peter is also always ready to listen to his students. A great motivator and energizer, Peter relates to every student on the student's own level... He seeks ways to maximize his students' opportunities, recognizing, developing and rewarding talents and abilities...
~~ Jane P. Slaff, Foreign Language Department Chairperson, Wyoming Seminary
Mr. Stinson is a special man who recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of children, then sets about showing them how to put their strengths to work for them, so that they can work on their weaknesses.
~~ Judy Rasimas, Parent of a former Wyoming Seminary student

Several words come to mind when I think of Peter. These words are commitment, creativity, intelligence, and energy... As my son's English teacher at the Upper School, I watched Peter challenge a talented young man to reach new heights of achievement. As a fellow teacher, I've watched Peter search for new ways to reach and relate with his students.

~~ Tim Swanson, Sixth Grade Team Leader, Lower School, Wyoming Seminary

Peter does not teach conventionally, but tries to expand the awareness of his students to realities that an English curriculum is always pushing to understand and experience.

~~ William Summerhill, Ph.D., Head of School, Ascension Academy College Prep School

Peter is a man of unquestionable character, unflagging loyalty, and great energy... He has successfully employed the model of "student as worker, teacher as coach" as developed by Ted Sizer.
~~ David L. Davies, Headmaster, Deerfield-Windsor School

Mr. Stinson's great gift is in helping young people to mature into well-educated, cultured, intellectually curious, and tolerant men and women.
~~ Paul E. Kanjorski, Member of Congress

I was impressed with his insight into urban issues as well as with the quality of his writing... Peter worked independently very well, accepted criticism gracefully, and expressed his own ideas forcefully and articulately.

~~ James A. Miller, Professor of English and American Studies, George Washington University

Peter Stinson has been given the gift of expression; he has the ability to express himself both artistically through poetry and prose or pragmatically through speech and sincerity.... he perceives emotions and can distinguish between honesty and fraudulence.
~~ Howard J. Sadinsky, DO, Milford Pediatric Group, Milford, Connecticut

I found Peter extremely creative, prolific, and perhaps most importantly, open to constructive criticism to an unusual degree... He leads because people want to follow him, for the not-so simple reason that he inspires trust and confidence.
~~ Roger D. Shoemaker, Theatre Faculty Member, Walnut Hill School

Peter is both a team player and a leader. He would work well in a setting where he is able to exercise both skills; he needs the opportunity to inspire and motivate others, and yet he is a loyal and cooperative member of a work group.
~~ Paula Chu, Licensed Professional Counselor

Peter's most outstanding characteristic is his creativity. He is exceptionally able to organize groups of students, be they small or large... He has always acted with the highest degree of integrity...

~~ David Winer, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Trinity College (Emeritus)

He is not afraid to challenge himself, and, when things are difficult, he faces the difficulty rather than shying away from it... I find him to be perceptive about people...
~~ Judith Dworin, Professor of Theatre and Dance, Trinity College

Peter is a dedicated and creative individual... He takes his work very seriously, but maintains an extraordinatry sense of humor through even the worst of times... Peter is dependable, conscientious, and thoughtful.

~~ Kristina Dow, Former Director of Residential Life, Trinity College