Technology Experience

Technology as a Tool for Learning and Teaching

I am a user of technology, seeking innovative uses for technology. In some senses, I'd be a technology teacher as an English teacher or history teacher.

Technology is merely a tool to help with some bit of learning. Were I to be a "technology teacher," I picture students using technology to further other disciplines. I see students creating a wiki about the biology of the campus; I see students keeping semi-official blogs about life as a student; I see outreach offices, such as alumni and development, using Web 2.0 tools to get the message about the School to the widest constituency as possible.

In terms of formal technology educational preparation, I have none. In terms of informal study and hands-on use of the technology tools, I have plenty. I'm not "bleeding edge," but I'm definitely "cutting edge" when it comes to trying and using new technology, particularly Web 2.0 tools. I have a more than passing familiarity with a variety of computer operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and VMS.

I see myself using technology to provide the backbone for projects, no matter what the discipline. I see myself working with other teachers in support of the integration of meaningful technology projects in their classes. And I see myself as an experienced user of technology helping and supporting other technology users across the campus.

Proficient with these Technology Tools

Desktop Publishing
  • Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Open Office Applications, including Writer, Impress, Draw, and Calc
  • AppleWorks
  • Adobe products, including Pagemaker, Photoshop, Acrobat, Connect, and Contribute
  • Paint from
  • Microsoft Paint

Web Page Design
  • Adobe Go Live
  • Windows Front Page

Digital Video and Audio Editing and Creation
  • Pinnacle Systems Studio DV
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • iMovie, Adobe Premier
  • InterWin DVD Creator
  • Sonic
  • Nero
  • Audacity
  • Garage Band

Internet & Web 2.0
  • Blogs (Blogger, 21 Class, WordPress)
  • Wikis (Wikispaces, Google Sites, EdTime, PBWiki, Wikidot)
  • Podcasts (GCast)
  • Feed Aggregators, including Bloglines and Google Reader
  • Google products, including Documents, Base, Calendar, Mail, Sites, Analytics, Search, Voice, Video, and iGoogle
  • Zoho products, including Writer, Sheet, Show, Planner, and Creator
  • Communication tools, including eLuminate, WebEx, Skype

Operating System familiarity
  • Windows (Vista, XP, 95, and NT)
  • Linux (Linspire and Ubuntu)
  • MacOS
  • VMS
  • CTOS
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