From the Home Office

Top 10 reasons to hire Peter Stinson to serve at your school
10.  I bring a unique perspective with academic credentials in English, counseling, and national security, coupled with experience as a teacher, writer, consultant, and Coast Guard officer.

9.  I have a zest for teaching and interest in student success and development.

8.  I’m able to connect with student athletes and student artists alike.

7.  I have a youthful
perspective tempered with the maturity of a “couple of years.”

6.  I’m comfortable in the classroom, in the theatre, on the playing fields, and in the dining hall… creating learning moments for all students.

5.  I have management and leadership expertise honed in service with the world’s premier maritime humanitarian organization.

4.  I will
challenge students in a supportive environment.

3.  I’m an
enthusiastic champion of the written word and believer in disciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies.

2.  I’m versatile, and I would be comfortable serving as a head of school or an associate head for academics, institutional development, or students.

1.  My
bald pate will draw attention away from your own bad hair day.