Higher Education Search Objective

Teaching Objective

I seek an adjunct faculty position
in a distance learning or online program
or face-to-face classes in southeastern Virginia
in the following disciplines:
  • Business Administration (U/M)
  • Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution (U/M/D)
  • Interpersonal Communication (U)
  • Change Management (U/M)
  • Counseling (U)
  • Crisis Intervention (U/M)
  • Emergency and Disaster Management (U/M)
  • Homeland Security (U/M)
  • Human Development (U)
  • Human Resource Management (U)
  • Human Services (U/M)
  • Leadership (U/M/D)
  • Management (U/M)
  • National Security Studies (U/M)
  • Organizational Development (U/M/D)
  • Organizational Leadership and Organizational Management (U/M/D)
  • Public Administration (U/M)
  • Public Safety Administration (U)
  • Quality Management (U/M)

U = undergraduate programs
M = masters and graduate certificate programs
D = doctoral programs